Additional Warranty and Maintenance

Additional Warranty and Maintenance

Additional Warranty and Maintenance

With Buderus You Can Extend Your Warranty Period

Buderus permits you to extend the warranty period of your appliance to ensure more efficient operation and to prolong the service life of the appliance with annual maintenance options.

Buderus provides options which meet your expectations with a variety of combined warranty packages, eases your budget, and gives you peace of mind with free-of-charge maintenance advantage and the assurance of being able contact customer service.

You can choose and get the advantages of 1, 2, or 4-year supplementary warranty packages, as you wish, for Conventional and Condensing appliances.


  • The opportunity to extend the standard warranty period of your appliance for an additional 4 years
  • Free of charge annual maintenance for the period of the additional warranty
  • Protection of the efficiency and performance of your appliance with regular maintenance
  • Reduction of repair and maintenance costs
  • Service for your appliance by expert and authorised technical service agents and the peace of mind that comes with Buderus
  • Problem free heating with peace of mind

For further information about the additional warranty and maintenance, and to be put in touch with the nearest authorised service agent, contact the Buderus Customer Communication Centre on 444 5 474.