A New Look at the HVAC Sector

Many companies have noticed how important innovative thinking has become in this digital world. We at Buderus are putting innovative ideas into our product range. We believe that one of the most important factors behind our success is that we developed our products with this approach. We took a new look at the solutions we were developing for heating systems, cooling systems and domestic hot water issues: Connectivity products.

Energy efficiency is important in our sector. Producers and customers are becoming more aware of energy consumption, and this has led to an increase in the marketing and consumption of products that offer energy savings. We at Buderus are adding solutions which increase energy and fuel saving in our connectable products.

By combining our connectivity solutions with advanced technology we are playing a significant role not only in extending our own product range but also in promoting product diversity in the market. We are opening a brand-new chapter with our new Logamatic smart room control. Our brand is taking a new look at the air conditioning sector, and staking a claim that the future of thermotechnology is ours.

High Efficiency and Great Quality of Life with Buderus Connectivity Solutions

The Logamatic TC 100 Smart Room Control has a number of striking features. Its smart, functional, touch screen design is striking. It can support more than one user simultaneously. It is quick and simple to install and offers Buderus data security and thermostat lock.

One ease-of-operation feature is that it can operate compatibly with a smartphone. With the EasyMode smart phone application, the boiler settings can be adjusted from anywhere. The application can be downloaded onto any telephone which uses IOS or Android operating system.

Its self-learning, geo-fencing (defining a real-world geographic area), and energy consumption display capabilities provide ease of use. It also makes maximum energy savings possible. It contributes to reducing fuel costs because it offers a high level of fuel savings. You can also instruct your combi boiler to heat domestic hot water in advance.

You can set temperatures daily, weekly and hourly and the boiler will also provide you with a monthly fuel report. We thought about everything that will make life easier for the user, and then we put it into the Logamatic TC 100 smart control.

Technology for the Future with Buderus

With our connectivity solutions and products, we are introducing the technology of tomorrow, today. As part of a world which is continually changing and developing, we will keep the door open to innovation. We offer our customers innovative air conditioning products because we are committed to R&D and digitisation.

Our connectivity solutions also make a big contribution to efficiency and savings when combined with products such as our combi boilers. Efficiency is increased by up to 40% with the smart room control.

We believe that every sector is expanded and developed with the introduction of every new product. We are proud of the value we have added to our sector with the products we have introduced the market. We at Buderus keep our products in step with the rapid developments of a changing world. Smart connective products await you, if you also want to be a part of this world.