The Importance of the Authorised Service Agent

The Importance of the Authorised Service Agent

Dear Buderus Customer

We at Buderus always put your safety and comfort first, and provide all our customer services through our teams of authorised service agents, who are trained by the Buderus team.

We want to inform you, as a matter of importance, that in maintenance, repair or similar situations, you must contact the authorised service agents specified by Buderus.

Buderus authorised service agents:

  • Have been trained by Buderus personnel and are equipped with up-to-date technical knowledge,
  • Meet quality standards because they receive annual training and inspections,
  • They use original spare parts,
  • They are organisations which follow the defined steps for customer service agents in situations where repair is required.

Bosch Thermotechnology is not liable for damage or safety risks occurring in products which you have purchased from Bosch Thermotechnology as a result of the use of spare parts which were not original or which were not obtained from Bosch Thermotechnology. You are requested, as a matter of importance, to contact Bosch Thermotechnology’s authorised service agents in order to obtain original spare parts.

In addition to this, any intervention during the warranty period by persons who are not authorised service agents will, pursuant to legislation, be considered to be excluded from warranty and may compromise the rights of our consumers.

In this context, if you, our valued customers need to contact our authorised service agents, to find the authorised service agent nearest to you, can contact the Buderus Customer Communication Centre by telephone on 444 5 474 or call from our Customer Services tab.